31 Ford model-A tractor conversion - $4,500 (Madison)

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..... Make me an offer. .....

This is a vintage home made tractor that was made from old car parts.
It was most likely first built back during the depression in the mid to late 1930's and it is truly a one of a kind tractor.

It is designed to be driven over rows of growing crops and cultivate the ground between the rows.

..... NOTE : If you look closely at both the before and after photos, you will see that this tractor was not built from any " kit " or any plans that were printed in a magazine. Nor is it a cut down " Doodlebug " like a lot of the Ford model-A and model-T converted tractors were back then.

It's obvious that this was scratch built by someone back then and it is different from any other tractor conversion that you'll find.
When I first got the tractor there was nothing on it that could have possibly been newer that 1932. ......

List of parts.

1917 to 1925 Ford model-T :
Tractor frame, cultivator frame, rear drive axle, dash panel & steering wheel.

Flat belt PTO pulley is an accessory that was available back in the 1920's and 30's.

1928 to 1931 Chevrolet :
Rear wheel hubs, steering column & steering box ( the rear hubs are actually the Chevy front hubs that are mounted on the back )

Engine is from a 1931 Ford model-A with a Chevy truck transmission adapted to it

Transmission is a 4-speed with granny gear from and old Chevy truck ( year unknown )
This has a PTO mounted on the side of it to power the rear mounted flat belt pulley

Gas tank is from a portable compressor ( year unknown )

Air cleaner is off a Allis Chalmers tractor ( year unknown )

Seat is off a horse drawn buggy from the late 1800's or early 1900's.

I have included 3 photos of how the tractor looked when I first got it.

Included with the tractor is a poster board that I displayed at tractor shows.


Taking into consideration the technology available at the time and the tools that a farmer would have to work with, I was impressed with the engineering and quality of the work by the original builder.

Looking at the motor mounting area of the frame, I'm sure that this originally had a single cylinder air cooled engine in it.

In restoring this tractor, I added the Ford model-A engine, fuel tank, radiator & seat.
The 1931 Ford model-A engine is rebuilt with new rings, all new valves and adjustable lifters installed.

Except for adding two step plates, the tractor frame and cultivator frame was not changed from its original design.
I did have to move the rear axle from being mounted in front of the rear wheels to being mounted behind the rear wheels.

This has a 12 volt electrical for easier starting and dependability.

This is the link to a YouTube video of the tractor being driven :


This can be picked up in Madison, Indiana.
Cash only .. no checks or money orders of any kind.

..... Make me an offer. ..... I'm not interested in any trades. .....

You're welcome to look at any time .. just let me know when you would like to do that.
You can contact me thru Craigslist email or phone. ( home phone .. no text )

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