New Protective Face Masks – KN95 | CASE QTY - $40

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condition: new
make / manufacturer: Cleaning Services Supplies
model name / number: Food/Beverage Supplies
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Available @ the following locations:
S. CAROLINA @πŸ‘‰70 State St., Williston, SC 29853
IOWA @ πŸ‘‰1725 East Maple St., Maquoketa, IA 52060

Available in South Carolina: FREE Shipping INCLUDED
🟒$40.00 per case | Protective KN95 Face Mask | Case Includes: 500 count
🟒$40.00 per case | Protective KN95 Face Mask | Case Includes: 320 count
🟒$40.00 per case | Protective KN95 Face Mask | Case Includes: 1000 count

Available in IOWA: FREE Shipping INCLUDED
🟒$40.00 per case | Protective Face Mask-KN95 | Case Includes: 1040 count

Model Number: KN95
Material: Fabric | Three-Dimensional Protective Respirator
Manufacturer: Chongqing Anputai Medical Equipment, Jinhua Jiadaifu Supplies or Hunan Fuerkang Medical Material

– Woven elastic band to relieve ear discomfort
– Anti-Particulate Filtration Technology
– Antibacterial & Environment-Friendly Fabric
– Effective filtering and protection from PM2.5 air particulate matter and bacteria

Quantity Sold: 1040,1000, 500, or 320 Individual Masks
Shipping Discount: FREE SHIPPING!
Shipping Method: UPS, LTL or Local Pick-Up
backSTORY: These are KN95 Face Masks are a result of Covid over-supply, now available at wholesale price.
Suitable for protection against harmful particles such as dust, air particulate matter, influenza, bacteria, droplets and more.
For commercial or residential use!

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S. CAROLINA @πŸ‘‰70 State St., Williston, SC 29853
IOWA @ πŸ‘‰1725 East Maple St., Maquoketa, IA 52060

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