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model navn / nummmer: varies
mærke / producent: Donna Bella Milan
tilstand: ny

All items are brand new, never been opened. I used to get hair extensions religiously, bought a lot of tools hoping to find someone to do them for a discount but never used any of these things. No longer need and would love to get rid of them! You're welcome to meet me to see that they are in new and perfect condition.

"The Flare" tool (paid $65) $50 - blue tools in black case

Flare Beads, blond (paid $14) $8

Extensions holder, pink (paid $20) $15

16" kera-link, human hair extensions, light ash blond (paid $42) $36

Color ring, showing most color options Donna Bella sells (paid $55) $48

Quick Parter (paid $8) $5

Loop Tool (paid $19) $15

Melting Connector (paid $45) $40
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