MagnaWave Pulse Pro PEMF machine - $3,000 (Louisville)

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condition: excellent
make / manufacturer: Magnawave
model name / number: Pulse Pro
The Pulse Pro PEMF system is great for use at home, clinic or barn (can be used with Equines as well). It offers intensity control with 20 levels as well as a timer to enjoy PEMF as per your comfort and need.

What is PEMF?
Discover the Power of PEMF!
Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields or PEMF is an innovative approach to wellness to rejuvenate the body. By harnessing the natural power of these magnetic fields, PEMF provides a non-invasive way to boost cellular metabolism. PEMF can penetrate deep into tissues, which may lead to a variety of health benefits, such as increased circulation, reduced inflammation, pain relief, and enhanced cellular repair.

In the early 2000s, NASA funded a four-year study led by Dr. Robert Dennis to research the potential of PEMF to stimulate growth and repair in mammalian tissues. The challenges of space travel, including microgravity and increased exposure to harmful radiation, can have adverse effects on human health, such as bone density loss, muscle atrophy, and other physiological issues.

MagnaWave PEMF has been said to increase blood oxygen levels and stimulate cellular metabolism

MagnaWave high powered PEMF machines offer multiple settings and varying attachments to achieve optimal results

A MagnaWave PEMF machine produces electromagnetic fields by pulsing a current through an attachment or coil. This creates the magnetic fields which vary in frequency, and intensity depending on the settings of the machine and the attached coil.

The user positions the coil or other attachment (like a mat, or paddle), near or directly on the part of the body requiring a session. The generated electromagnetic fields then penetrate the body, stimulating cellular metabolism. MagnaWave sessions can range from 5-30 minutes.

Once the electromagnetic fields penetrate the body, they induce tiny electrical currents in the cells. This can stimulate the cells, promoting improved cellular function and health. It can increase ATP production (cellular energy), improve oxygenation, and help cells to detoxify and absorb nutrients more effectively.

As a result of the improved cellular function, users may experience various benefits. This can include pain relief, reduced inflammation, improved circulation, faster recovery, increased bone density, and enhanced overall wellness.

Comes with factory refurbished unit, zoom paddle attachment, front and rear covers, power cord, everything as shown.

Has 159 run hours on timer

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