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This make me so sad. We have had him going on four days now. Not one phone call to the bcas to even see if your dog has been turned in. He wimpers every night crying for you.
Unless youre out of town or not aware, or i hate to ask or just dont care. He misses you greatly.
I know that my first thing when i lost mine was to call the shelter and look for mine.
I understand a night maybe two. Is someone babysitting him for you? You don't know he is crying for you.
Please help him find his family.
We are calling him Buddy.
He loves to sit in your lap and watch tv. Not so fond of car rides, but mostly watches the windows and hopes we can help him get home.
Neighbors.... If you know a neighbor has a dog and you havnt seen it in a bit check on them. Worse case scenario your neighbor may be in need of help at home and no one knows.
Someome knows this baby.
Call affichez coordonnées to identify him. There are definite circamstances surrounding how he was found that only his owner would know.
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