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True story about A & J Moving in Louisville, KY from a customer

Just imagine moving interstate, using one moving company at your old state (the 1st mover), arriving at your new state, having your belongings unloaded by new movers (the 2nd movers), the 2nd movers pointing out how the truck was poorly packed by the 1st movers, how too many heavy items were placed on top of each other, showing you items not properly packed, showing you items that were damaged because they were not properly packed, and you discovering more damages on your own – then you reach out to the 1st movers, report your findings and hear back from the owner that it’s not their responsibility. That is what happened to me with A & J Moving.

I hired A & J Moving for my move, which took place on Feb 27th. The job consisted of moving the contents of 2 bedrooms full of furniture and boxes into their truck. They loaded the truck and drove to a freight truck terminal in Louisville, where they transferred my belongings into an inter-state freight truck. The truck arrived in Texas several days later. In Texas I hired a moving company to unload the freight truck and deliver my belongings to my new place. That is when damage discoveries were made.

Some of the items that were damaged were an expensive maple enclosed mirror that was cracked, maple furniture that was gashed, a brand-new Victorinox suitcase that was damaged, a red storage bench that is covered in fabric that was ripped, and a multi-tier shelf stand whose underneath wheels were damaged because too much weight was placed on it.

The mirror had survived 7 prior moves without being cracked, the suitcase was put on the very bottom of the freight truck with 14 feet of content piled on top of it, the multi-tier shelf stand was also loaded with too much content and the furniture was probably slammed into something and they never told me. These damages were absolutely not present before this move. This doesn't even include other damages, that I will give some benefit of the doubt were typical. What I report is far, far from a normal move.

Also, I had orange straps of my own to hold furniture in place on the truck. I showed A&J Movers the protective items I had for use, which included the orange straps, and requested they use them to protect my belongings. The straps were not transferred from the their truck to the interstate freight truck. The straps did not arrive in the freight truck in Texas. Those orange straps were mine! A&J Moving kept them.

The first time I contacted A & J Moving by text and reported findings I never heard back from them. I waited weeks for a response and did not get one. I texted the owner again after several weeks and he responded with its not his responsibility. I was shocked to receive this response. I texted him back in part that protecting and moving furniture properly is not your responsibility, really!?! He responded that I was being rude to him and requested I not contact him. Great way to further dodge responsibility – way to go A & J Moving.

I don’t know yet if they’re licensed and insured. Next step for me is to find out if Kentucky has requirements on being licensed and insured for movers, and if this moving company has met these requirements. I’ll post back here when I find out. I believe in protecting consumers.

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