Guitar Lessons with Dan - all levels - theory, jazz, blues (Louisville - online)

offered virtually
Hi, I'm Dan. I'm your guitar teacher!
I teach private one-on-one ONLINE guitar lessons for all levels - beginner to advanced.

There's no prepay & no deposit. Pay-as-you-go at the end of each lesson.

We can start lessons at any level. Let’s take a look at each of these levels.

-Starting from Scratch Students: You don't know anything about the guitar or how to play. We’ll get you started with the guitar basics, like reading tab, playing chords, and strumming. You'll start understanding and playing on your first lesson!

-Beginner Students: You've already spent a few months (or years) practicing beginner stuff, but you’re still at a beginner level. If you’ve been trying to learn from Youtube videos, then you’re probably very frustrated right now. We’ll clean up your guitar fundamentals and focus on only the things that you need to know. It's also great for beginners to learn a few songs and start soloing a little bit with basic scales.

-Intermediate Students: This is the level that most guitarists label themselves as. You know the guitar basics and you've got a short list of songs that you're working on, but your playing still doesn't sound good, including clunky strumming & poor soloing skills. Your blues isn't very bluesy. You hit a lot of wrong notes and you're often not sure about the key. If this sounds like you, then you’re not alone! These issues are common and easy to fix. We’ll work on things like rhythm counting & strumming, scales (modes) & techniques for better soloing, and ways to learn your favorite songs faster - at least one new song every week. You will be on the way to an advanced level.

-Advanced Students: You know every note on the fretboard & every common chord, plus you know all or most of the modes & basic scales. You can strum decently and you can comfortably play over a dozen songs. You’ve also got good technique. However, your soloing isn't that great and you still hit bad notes. You're still slow with figuring out relative keys. You're struggling to make your blues sound authentic. You’re completely intimidated by jazz (extended & altered) chords & theory. You might be using the exact same strum pattern for every song. Basically, your playing is stale and you’re in a rut.


Whichever level you fit into, we'll work together to fix and grow your guitar skills. I’ve been working with guitarists of all levels for 30 years on pushing the limits and leveling up. I’m 100% positive that you can do it too!

I recommend weekly lessons, because one week is enough time for you to get everything done.

You’ll need a laptop (computer or tablet) and an internet connection. I use Google Meet which is free. A few minutes before our scheduled lesson, I’ll email you a link. You’ll click the link which takes you to our video chat. (Nothing to install. Nothing to register. Any email will work.)

-I teach all styles, including rock, jazz, blues, country & bluegrass. I teach songs as well, including any song you want to learn! I’m an expert in music theory, including rhythm, scale, & chord theory, all of which we’ll work on as-needed.

-I want you to have fun playing the guitar, otherwise, what’s the point?

-Acoustic and electric guitars are both good.

I’m Dan Dresnok and I'm your guitar teacher! I'm the author of the book THE CURIOUS GUITARIST. I've been teaching guitar lessons for over 30 years. I've taught tens of thousands of students both online & in-person. I’ve worked as a performer, recording studio session guitarist, & moderator of dozens of group guitar clinics. I specialize in jazz, bluegrass, blues, rock, guitar & music theory.


Question: Are online guitar lessons as good as in-person lessons?
Answer: Yes, in fact, online lessons are better in many ways. Without the worry of time spent driving, we can focus on music and guitar in our own comfort zones.

Question: What video chat program or website will we use for our lessons?
Answer: We'll use Google Meet. (Google Meet is free. You DON'T need to download, install, or register anything. You'll simply click the link that I'll email you. That's all.)

Question: How do I (the student) receive the text lessons, like the tabs, songs, chords, etc?
Answer: I (Dan) have 100's of lesson PDFs all ready for you! I’ll email you the relevant lesson PDFs during our lessons. I’ll also sometimes make custom PDFs for you during our lesson.

Question: How can we talk to each other in-between lessons, like with an important question or a scheduling issue?
Answer: My students can text or call me anytime.

Question: How does the payment work?
Answer: Each lesson is $50 due at the end of each lesson. I accept Zelle payments.

Question: How long does each lesson last?
Answer: Each lesson is an hour long.

Question: Will I be charged for canceled lessons?
Answer: No, you won’t be charged for canceled lessons. If you need to cancel, please give me reasonable notice.

Question: Where do you live, Dan?
Answer: I live just north of Atlanta, GA. My time zone is Eastern (EST), but I have guitar students all over the country.

Do you have any other questions?

Call or text me now!

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