maak plasing gnstling The first 30 seconds of your song is the most important or its over. (louisville) verskuil hierdie plasing maak sigbaar

You MUST grab your listeners attention and keep it with the first 30 seconds of your song or you will risk losing them. I used this same tactic to land me writing sessions with some of the most well known billboard hit songwriters out there. Let me explain with a quick story on how I landed my first write with a hit songwriter using only 30 seconds of my song.

In Nashville (music capital of the U.S.) it?s not uncommon for billboard charting songwriters to play acoustic shows in town where they perform their most well known songs that have played on the radio. One night I attended a show that was being played by a very well known hit songwriter. I nervously decided to approach him after the show in hopes of convincing him to co-write with me. But keep in mind these famous writers get approached CONSTANTLY by people hoping to write with them. I knew the guy was busy and had better things to do and probably better people to write with than a random writer he had never met before. I also knew that I had just a few seconds of his time to convince him why I was worthy of writing with him. I walked up to him and introduced myself and said ?Give me 30 seconds to let you hear a [tune|song} I?m working on and see what you think.? I got out my phone and found a basic voice recording of a song I had recently started and put the speaker up to his ear to listen. His response was that he loved the song idea and would be interested in writing it together. I got his contact info and we later booked a writing session to work on this ear catching tune that to this day is still one of my favorites.

My point here is that its more important than you could imagine that the first 30 seconds of your song is catchy and engaging. I decided to create a mini-course that will show you how to write the intro and first verse of your song to hold any listeners attention regardless of whether your song is upbeat, a ballad, happy, or sad, and anything in between. You can find more info on this course by clicking this link
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