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There are soooooo many scammers posting fake ads, I thought maybe someone should post some tips on how to spot them. Here is a typical example:

i have a sweet GOLDEN male and female available now.loves to run and play great around other pets and children. SHe just needs a good place to run free and exercise... just what a GOLDEN needs. We just don't have the room at the moment. Thank youhinks the world of her!

:( .... serious inquires only!Purebreed teacup pups, female, 12 weeks old, already received first couple of shots. Asking for best offer...Cute and playful Flat faced style Dog..Mom is light but with brown colored markings on face and paws..
GOLDEN male and female,.,.asking Re homing fee

Puppy bag will also be included with some food, a collar and a toy! Do not miss out on this opportunity to purchase one of these puppies.has collar, leash,and food were only asking Rehoming fee for her full breed .. Can no longer keep him due to moving issues:

As you can see, they usually have terrible grammar, and lots of typo errors. Many times the title of their posts will have lots of punctuation marks in them, like this fake title;
@%&These cuties Maltese - Poodle puppies have gourgeous babies &%@$%^

Many times they will mix up the gender of the puppy, or the number of pups available. Check out their location on the map too, many times they will use the same 2 or 3 locations in all their fake ads.
they rarely use an actual address, but will just use a city name instead, like Louisville, or Lexington.
They will usually copy a picture of some puppy from a google image search like the one above. The puppies in most of the pix probably died of old age 10 years ago! Whenever you see a picture that you think may be fake, or to check any picture, move your cursor over the picture and right click your mouse, then go to the line "search google for image" and check to see if the picture has any duplicates on the net. The picture above was used in scammer ads in 12 cities around the world!! Many times they will offer to ship the dog to you. Just be careful and NEVER send any deposit without seeing the actual animal in person. Remember, the only policing done on Craigslist is done by the users. That makes it a breeding ground for scammers. I hope this helps. I hate to see anyone get ripped off.
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