maak plasing gnstling ­čî╝Lionhead mix Bunny­čîŞ (Louisville) verskuil hierdie plasing maak sigbaar

I have a very sweet lionhead mix ready for a forever home! 12 weeks old.
Not sure what she is mixed with, but she is soo cute!! We have nicknamed her Dandilion... Dandi is pretty fuzzy right now and very small! I don't think she will get any bigger than 3-4lbs when fully grown! I want her finding a great home where she can have free time out of a cage and be loved! Dandi loves Timothy and alfalfa hay! She also gives "kisses" and is litter box trained, other animals don't frighten her.
There will be a rehome fee of $30 to ensure she is going to a fantastic home to people who will love and provide for her! I can send pictures through email. Thank you.
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