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I am a caregiver/companion with 8 years experience. I started off caring for my bed ridden step father who needed round the clock care and made sure he was able to stay in his own home instead of having to be put in a nursing home. I am experienced with strokes and all the residuals from them.
After he passed I continued to take care of patients with a vast variety of illnesses. I have dealt with and have experience with dimentia (frontal lobe as well), Louey Body Dimentia along with the parkinsons side and Alzheimer's. I have dealt with incnontinance care, bathing, cooking, cleaning, laundry, anything that helps the home continue running in a smooth manor. I am a 32 year old female veteran so I am very reliable and able to do many things and have a great amount of patience and understanding. I feel the elderly should be able to stay in their home and be as comfortable as possible. I am a very compassionate person and love to help those in need. I feel as though I am perfect to help your family because my life has revolved around helping people especially at their most time of need. I am an Army vet and have been trained to do things under extreme circumstances while staying calm. I am extremely reliable and passionate about helping people especially the elderly. I am available during the days 8-5:00, some nights if needed occasionally, and also occasionally weekends. I have excellent references upon request.
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