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legg innlegget til favoritter $375 Artsy, environmentally cat home looking for a new roomie (Schnitzelburg) skjul innlegg vis

S Shelby st at S Burnett st

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tilgj. sep 12

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Rent is $375 a month, utilities are usually about $60, deposit $350.
3 bedroom 1 bath apartment with yard, garden, and basement.
Vegetarian mostly household. Interested in sustainability and conservation.
Garden in front and back yards, plenty of storage space. The room is medium sized, with a window without a view.
Looking for a cat lover without mammal pets or large reptiles.
I (33 yo) cook a LOT and am kind of an introvert.
Roomie (25 yo) isn't home much, and is also a tad introverted.
Must be LGBTQ friendly, no racists.
420 friendly.
There are a washer and dryer but they may not last long. We also have a slightly ok dishwasher.
Photo studio in garage, not included in cost, but could be discussed.
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