My Last Hail Mary Shot (Louisville)

Ok....I'll try to not make this a novel , for your sake , and mine .
In a nutt shell , I payed my rent for the next 4 weeks to the couple , (that I was convinced was good people), I was renting a room from in their home ( this was my forth month there ).
Being as I've always been , and overhearing talk by them that they were very low on cash and mentioning at the same time that there wasn't much to choose from to eat in the fridge , I went in and gave them my foodcard , and told them to go n get some groceries to put in the fridge .....well...you guessed it ...they spent just about everything on it ( which I didn't mind at all ...was glad I could help ...at the time )
I got a text from them later that night saying that I will be needing to vacate in the next morning at some time , because they were probably being evicted . . And right in cue at 830am the next morning .....they came and set them out ...and me along with them ...
They never breathed a word about this to me at any point in the 3 months I was staying there....was nothing I could do ....couldn't get my rent money back ...it was used to help buy the truck they bought off of Craig's list Leavin' me for dead basically ... .
I couldn't go back in and get any of the food they had taken the majority of it over to her mother's , where they have went to stay ....magine that .

I have no family to fall back on to ask for some help ....I don't have that luxery....
They took all the money I had
Drained my food card ..

So....this is ad is my last shot at trying to see if anyone would concider helping me out with this situation that two heartless , cold blooded , azzholes have put me in .. ( sorry for the language ...but I calls'em , as I sees'em)
I have been a home exterior specialist for 28 years now ...and I do pro work , never do I do any junky looking work ...vinyl Siding ...sofitt work / trim...windows ...gutters ...Awnings ....porch wraps ....ect.
I can get the outside of your home looking awful nice ,
I'm a good guy ....very honest ..very trust worthy ...upbeat with a great sense if humor ..no drugs ...I don't drink...I have no baggage ...I despise drama .. starting to think not so upbeat stupid thoughts .

Novel ? ....close ...sry....and if you read all of this .....I thank you for your time ...means alot at this point ......
My name is Ken .... Hopin' I somehow can catch a break from this post , and get a text from someone that reads this ........
Ok...I think I've embarrassed myself enough with all this ..so...thx again... I appreciate your time .

.... Ken

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